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Capturing Today, Protecting Tomorrow

Hi, I'm Leslie

I am a family photographer in St. Charles, MO. My greatest passions in life are conservation, photography, and healthy relationships. Conservation has a major impact on my views of life and plays a major role in this business. I am very passionate about sustainability and it’s a consideration at the base of all of my decisions. A major part of living sustainably, is limiting the amount of natural resources I use and reducing the amount of damage that is done to the environment on my behalf. As such, I have been drawn to a minimalistic lifestyle. Being a minimalist has led me to focus on what’s really important in life, my relationships. Additionally, when I started reducing my number of possessions, I became a lot more focused on quality instead of quantity. 

This mindset has led me to become an eco-friendly photographer. I want to help you celebrate the most important thing in your life, your family. I want to capture your memories so that they can bring you joy for years to come and you can share them with others. I also have worked very hard to find eco-friendly suppliers that provide heirloom quality products so that your wall art and designer albums can be passed down to future generations and not end up in a landfill.


My Recent Work

The Gittemeier Beauchamps

Ellington's Shoe Shoot

The Hunts

Eco-friendly Artwork

JollyOrange Photography is committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and providing the highest quality products. My vendors are based in the United States and share my commitment to the environment.

Framed Prints

Archival Canvas

Heirloom Albums

What My Clients Say

Leslie is fantastic! She did family photos and went above and beyond our expectations. She is fun, efficient, and made (what can be) a very stressful situation into a great experience.

Benjamin Capp

Leslie has a great eye for beauty and perfection in each photo. She’s patient with everyone and knows how to just capture the perfect moments in each session.

Mandy Eaton

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